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Our Imaging Center has one of the first high resolution PET/CT system in NJ
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Our Advanced Technology

ct 64

Computerized Tomography CT-64

Our high resolution 64-slice multidetector system means exceptional image quality, improved diagnostic ability, and increased patient comfort. Learn More

spect ct


The highest resolution system clinically available, the Biograph-64 combines the diagnostic benefits of PET and CT into one unit for improved detection of disease. Learn More

nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Uses radiopharmaceuticals to safely image body function. Sovereign Health Imaging offers a full array of Nuclear Medicine examinations. Learn More

spect ct


The first private SPECT/CT system in New Jersey, it offers the ability to fuse nuclear medicine studies with low dose CT for anatomic correlation. Learn More


Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays of the body look for fractures or disease processes in the chest and abdomen. Walk-in appointments are available during regular business hours. Learn More



Uses high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Learn More



MRI uses a powerful 1.5 Tesla magnetic field to produce detailed pictures of internal organs, soft tissues, and bone. Including Mars - Metal Artifact Reduction Sequence Technology Learn More

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